The network “Love and Light for the World” intends to place energies of Love and Light in a big extend to the planet earth for to support its development and especially that of humanity.

The network addresses to all Reiki practitioners worldwide who are enabled by initiation and training to use distant treatments.

Each Reiki practitioner knows from his own experience that group treatment raises the flow of Reiki. We use this knowledge for to transmit Light and Love in a large scale into world. The smallest social group unit is build up by 3 individuals who co-operate. That is why a Reiki Triangle forms the basic unit of our network.

How does a Reiki Triangel work?

Its participants connect as a group daily, if possible, at 19.00 p.m. while using the distant and the power symbol. At the same time they also contact all of the Reiki channels who participate world-wide in the network. Doing this a coherent net of Triangles can form itself which surrounds our planet. The net raises the efficiency of each Triangle unit.

We do not give a certain goal for Reiki, but allow Love and Light to choose their operational situation for the highest good of the great whole.

Participants will get our "Instructions for Triangle Work" precisely stating each step.

How does a Reiki Triangel work?

The Reiki Triangles meet via distant contact daily, if possible, at 19.00 p.m. local time for to weave our net of Love and Light. As this happens world-wide at local time the stream of Love and Light constantly flows around planet earth and surrounds it. Isn't this a wonderful vision? It is up to you whether you are part of it for 5 minutes or, maybe, if your time allows it for 1 hour a day. Important is your participation as it keeps alive the net.

How to find a Triangle for you?

You can find friends or other people you know for this work who are capable for distant treatment. If this is not possible for you then you can get names of Reiki practitioners from the network who are interested in this kind of world service with Love and Light.

How was „Love and Light for the World“ founded?

The network was founded in 2006 by the Masters in Reiki Seimo R. M. Stadnyk and Beata Stawinska-Stadnyk and is directed by them. Both are part of Reiki for many years – Seimo since 1983 and Beata since 1993.